Lake Superior Engagements | Derek & Diana

These Lake Superior engagement photos for Diana and Derek were a chilly but fun experience!! We were hoping for some snow for the shoot and boy did we get it. It started out pretty light but by the end it was huge heavy flakes and we were soaked! No worries tho, it was SO worth it. The snow was extra meaningful as Diana told me about how her and Derek met at a Caribou Coffee for their first date and it was a crazy blizzard outside. Despite the crazy weather they sat and talked for HOURS!! I first met Diana many years ago when I did her Senior Portraits while I was still living in Minnesota!! I was so honored that she would get in touch with me this long after to see if I would be willing to travel to do her Wedding!! Of course my answer was YES. She is the sweetest girl and I am so thrilled that she has found an amazing love in Derek ♥ I often visit my family up there for the holidays so it worked out well for us to get their engagement photos done while I was visiting. I cannot wait to head back for their wedding in Duluth, MN next fall!!

black and white photo of couple under beautiful gazebo
couple kissing under gazebo
couple under gazebo and kissing next to lake with snow
black and white photo of couple holding each other in the snow next to lake
black and white photos of couple loving on each other
happy couple pressing their heads together
couple happily dancing in snow next to lake
black and white photo of happy couple smiling
black and white photo of happy couple snuggling in the snow next to lake
black and white photo of couple pressing their noses together
wedding ring in snowy pine tree
happy couple holding each other under pine trees in snow
happy people in the snow
We were covered in snow!!

Congrats to the both of you, I wish you both a very happy life together. Lil bro treat her right…. Diana welcome to the family