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Traditional Big wedding not really you?

Hey, I totally get that!! As an introvert, I am not about large crowds, or all the crazy hoopla that can come with those larger weddings. I AM all about quiet, intimate moments that are authentic and super meaningful to you as a couple. If this sounds more like you, then you have come to the right place!

You deserve an Elopement experience

that is fun, meaningful, and authentic to you both.

Just because you want a smaller wedding, does not make it any less of a BIG DEAL.

You are making a very special commitment to one another, which should be the focus of this amazing celebration, and deserves the same attention, if not more, as any big wedding. It should be an amazing and fun experience with real connection and love that can only be shared between the two of you, and perhaps also those closest to you!

Why Elope?

It’s more intimate & meaningful


Imagine a day centered entirely on the two of you and your love story. Spending the whole time with each other and having an experience of a lifetime to kick off this new chapter in your lives. No expectations, sticking to a script, or pleasing anyone else!

How to plan the perfect Elopement...<